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Valve Lever Assembly

Let us rebuild the Valve Lever Assembly on your Krones Bottle Filler or do it yourself with the ease of our Rebuild Kit.

Valve Lever Assembly Parts


Blue Thin Seal

Qty. Needed:1

Stainless Steel Seal With O-Ring

Qty. Needed:1

O-Ring for Shaft

Qty. Needed:2

O-Ring For Outside Barrel

Qty. Needed:1

Spring 1-¼ in Long

Qty. Needed:6

Valve Lever Assembly - Rebuilding KIT

KIT INCLUDES:(One SS Seal with O-Ring, One Thin Blue Seal, Two Bronze Bushings, Two small O-ring seals 210,One large O-ring Seal 335 and 6-8 springs). QUANTITY NEEDED:1, 1 ALTERNATIVE KIT FOR SOFT DRINKS:Includes (one Natural Thin Seal, one Blue Bushing, Two Small O-rings, one large o-ring and 6 springs).
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